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  • No purchase necessary. No gimmicks.
  • FREE for us to come to your home, diagnose & provide quote.
  • We’re available 24/7, even on holidays.
  • You always get our best low price.
  • We will always respect you and your property.
  • You will always get a fair and honest quote from us before we start any work.
  • You won't be stuck waiting on backordered parts.

Complete Service Offer Details:

All Star Heating and AC provides same-day service for your convenience and provides free estimates; whether you are looking to replace your old air conditioner or provide maintenance on your furnace, we are experienced air conditioning installers with 24 hours emergency service. All Star Heating and AC will promptly serve you from start to finish.

All Star Heating and AC is an independent air conditioning company in San Antonio with over 15 years experience and our technicians are highly trained and will strive to get your home cool today. Most AC companies want to sell you a new AC unit when in most cases a repair can get your AC working again. The trick is to leave you in a hot house while you decide to purchase a new AC. When it’s too hot to sleep at night, you will probably make a decision to purchase a new AC. You end up spending thousands of dollars when all you needed was a quick fix on your condenser.

Our dedicated AC technicians are committed to your satisfaction. They pledge to be courteous and to provide the highest degree of excellence and will not use any undue influence to get you to purchase a new AC unit when a simple repair will work.

Call All Star Heating and AC. We will be there when you need us the most.