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HVAC Tune-Up

Keep your heating and cooling equipment operating at peak performance with HVAC maintenance from Allstar Heating and Air Conditioning..

  • You call and schedule an appointment.
  • The technician arrives and discusses any issues you've experienced with the system.
  • The technician then inspects and tests your system.
  • He also makes adjustments to optimize performance of the system.
  • He measures the air flow in & out of the system.
  • We then reviews any findings and answers any questions you may have.
  • Once complete, he collects payment.
  • You then know your system is operating at peak performance!

Complete Service Offer Details:

Have you noticed and ice build up on your air handler inside your home? Are you having to turn up your TV because of excessive AC noise? All Star Heating and Air Conditioning in San Antonio can help. Proper AC maintenance can restore life back into your AC unit. You may even notice a substantial savings in your utility bills with a quality AC tune-up from All Star Heating and Air Conditioning. A neglected AC unit can lose as much as 5% efficiency every year, and we recommend yearly maintenance on all residential and commercial AC units to ensure your unit is working at peak performance and efficiency.

All Star Heating and Air Conditioning
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HVAC Tune-Up

All Star Heating and Air Conditioning provides a thorough evaluation of your AC unit and a free home evaluation while providing you with substantial savings on potential breakdowns. Our tune-up service includes:

  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Inspect compressor
  • Inspect relay fan
  • Evaluate condenser coil
  • Evaluate fan motor
  • Check plenums and wiring
  • Clean or replace air filters
  • Check t-stat for proper calibration
  • Evaluate your entire AC system

Summers in San Antonio can be brutal. Call the best AC tune-up company in San Antonio before those outside temperatures become excessive. All Star Heating and Air Conditioning will ensure your unit is working properly when the temps outside start to overload you AC unit. We also offer valuable coupons when you need an AC tune-up. Call All Star Heating and Air Conditioning today.