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AC Replacement

We will come out to your home today and give you an installation quote – absolutely no charge. Our aim is to get you up and running ASAP, and at an affordable price!

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Complete Service Offer Details:

One of the major expenses in your home is your HVAC system. When your air conditioner quits working or you start experiencing problems with your unit, you may need to purchase a new air conditioning unit. All Star Heating and Air Conditioning is a locally owned and operated Air Conditioning company in San Antonio that you can rely on to provide you with an honest assessment of your current AC system. We perform a full home evaluation to determine the correct SEER and air duct requirements to meet your needs. We also provide the ability to upgrade your cooling system with air quality controls or other features, but we only include additional features as an option. First and foremost, we only provide you with an evaluation of what you and your home will actually need. We do not use hard sell techniques in an effort to get you to purchase more than you require. We provide information and options, but the choice of upgrades is yours.

Installation of a New AC Unit

New energy saving technology will reduce you utility bills when you install a new AC comfort air system from All Star Heating and Air Conditioning. Our expert installation procedures will ensure you enjoy a consistent temperature throughout you home while also improving your indoor air quality.

Installation of a new ac system will work more efficiently when your outdoor unit is properly matched to your air handler or furnace which is typically located inside your home. At All Star Heating and Air Conditioning, we ensure your AC unit matches the needs of your home and pocketbook.

Don’t overpay for your new AC installation. Call All Star Heating and Air Conditioning for a complete home evaluation or for a honest, second opinion.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Air Conditioning Replacement is necessary if your system is no longer repairable.  However, it’s important to do your research before you purchase just any AC unit. What efficiency, size and type will you choose? What energy efficiency laws should you be aware of? Who will you hire for the installation? Let All Star guide you through the air conditioning replacement process.

Repair or Replace?

Air conditioning replacement is one of the largest investments you’ll make for your home. Consider these factors when deciding whether to repair or replace:

  • Age: Systems 10 years or older that are constantly needing repair, consider a replacement.
  • Investment cost: An All Star air conditioning contractor can help you calculate your return on investment to determine whether an upgrade is financially worthwhile in the long run.
  • Utility rates: If you think you can’t afford an air conditioning replacement, a more efficient unit consumes less electricity and saves you big time on energy bills.
  • What to Consider When Choosing a New System
  • Geographic location: Humidity, average temperature, and overall climate affect the size, type, and economic value of the efficiency you choose.
  • Existing system: Homes that do not have ductwork. To avoid expensive installation costs, one-room units or ductless mini-splits are the best option.

Benefits of an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner: Saving energy with an Energy Star rated Air Conditioner will save you money on your energy bill and can help reduce harmful carbon pollution and other greenhouse gases.

The All Star Difference

Having a new air conditioning system installed is much different than nearly every purchase that a homeowner will make for their home. The parts are shipped to us from our distributors, loaded onto our trucks and then assembled in your home. You will often hear All Star’s employees say “The most important day in an air conditioner’s life is its first day.” This is because it is critical that thorough and precise installation procedures are followed. Even the highest quality products must be assembled and installed properly in order to maximize energy savings, enhance system performance and ensure years of trouble free comfort. To experience the All Star difference today, call us!